True Stories

In Matthew 5:14-16, Jesus Christ instructs us about the "light" that comes from knowing Him. Such light cannot be hidden, but is put on a stand for all to see. These stories we share with you are tangible examples of how the "little light" that has been given is now being shared.

Throughout 2016, we will be releasing videos which are avenues for individuals to share their stories. We want you to see that when you partner with us, you are making a very real impact on the lives of people who are loved by our Heavenly Father. You are partnering with us to bring the light of Christ into lives that have been shrouded in darkness.

Check back often to see our newest releases!

Dana's Story

A boy grows up on our Mobile campus, to now run our ministry in south Alabama

Allison's Story

A 14-year-old girl, frustrated and alone, comes to our Decatur campus and meets Jesus

Twon's Story — Coming April 2016