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We asked staff to share how they've seen God work during their time at ABCH, and here are what some of them said:

“I’ve been able to see that what can be seen as bad (children being separated from their parents), God can do wonders through (this) brokenness. Not only are children introduced to a loving Savior, they’re exposed to what life could be like, and while in our care, we provide them direction and goals to strive for as they go through life."
—JOSH FARMER, Development Officer, Mobile

"ABCH has shone a light in my own life as far as caring for children goes. Honestly, before I came to ABCH, I didn’t put a lot of thought into caring for orphans. After seeing how much of an impact ABCH has on children and on the communities around them, it made me want to do more in my own personal life to help children.” 
—SHANNON STEPHENS, Administrative Assistant, Birmingham

"When children leave our campus care homes, I am always confident and comforted to know they've been loved by our faithful houseparents.” 
SHELBY BONNER, Social Worker, Mobile

"Individuals that I have met, especially when speaking in the Troy area, often speak with a grateful attitude of the love and guidance they received while living at the Children's Home. Those individuals have shared that they accepted Christ while in care, and their house parents imparted Christian values. They credit their time at the Children's Home as having helped to break dysfunctional generational cycles.”
—KIM MCGAINEY, Area Director, Southeast Alabama